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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can go? 

I have a 7 passenger van, since I always get to go, that leaves room for 6. For more then 6 persons, you may choose to follow me in your personal or rental car.

Can I go alone?  

My service includes my time, travel, knowledge, use of kayaks, PFD's, paddles, extra toys, and often a good meal. It is best shared with one or two others to divide the core costs of the trip. If you are a single traveler - call anyway - I will try to add you with another group of friends or family.

How much is it?

Flat Rate Simple Friends & Family Pricing. $525 Full Day Adventures. Typically further out - more remote, more wildlife. Local 1/2 day (4-5 hours) trips $425.00 Up to 6 persons Max.

What if we experience bad weather? 

 Welcome to Florida. It can be pouring rain on one side of the street and sunny across the street. Usually what we do is keep a good attitude about it and duck under a giant old oak tree till the rain passes which is usually pretty quick. If there are marine advisory alerts we will not be out doing a coastal islands paddle anyway. If you have booked a trip in advance and the weather is going to be bad, we can reschedule the trip for another day or refund your deposit. * Please note a 30% chance of rain is not grounds to cancel a trip. Over the years what I have found is if you listen to the weatherman too much more often then not they were wrong, and you missed what was a beautiful day. I have an uncanny Florida weather bone, which has proved more reliable then what the news suggests the weather will be. Sometimes a cloudy or overcast day keeps others away which presents opportunities to see wild life we other wise might not see if people before us have scared it away. 

Why Coconut Kayak Tours?

 Words like Coastal - Springs - Estuary are defining words as would be Caladesi Kayak or Weedon Kayak. Since I go to the spring fed rivers as well as the coastal islands I didn't want anything too defining. Coconut - perfect!  The name Coconut should be translated here to simply mean fun, tropical, a little coco - crazy - fun!  This is what we do. 

What about buying a video or pictures? 

Bring your own Go-Pro or waterproof camera. I strongly advise NOT bringing your $1000.00 plus digital SLR, few drops of water and it can be toast! I am happy to snap a candid shot of your family or group for you,or even video with your camera for a few minutes. However I do not want to be distracted by being delegated the responsibility of creating your video memories.  My focus needs to remain on the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the trip - finding wildlife etc...  It is also my policy to never post your pictures of you or your kids on the Internet, Facebook, etc... But YOU can.

Can we go on the rope swing? 

Absolutely! It's Crazy Fun!  With your parents permission of course. (All parents or responsible guardian for those under the age of 18 shall have the deciding vote on what is an acceptable level of risk ) Some tree jumps / swings are better then 30 foot high ( 3 stories) and should only be attempted by those with the experience and skill to do so. Because I am responsible for everyone on the trip - If I do not feel conditions are safe, example water level too shallow. Then you must follow my direction NOT to do a particular jump. This also applies to tree jumps. 

How Do I book a trip?   

Rely on the service and expertise of your hotel concierge to arrange it for you. Call me - KC - directly on the telephone. BEST WAY.  Yes, I removed my phone number from this website and online. It is unlisted now because of telemarketers, and people who call and don't like a sweet n short answer, Sorry limit is 6, not 9; I am booked solid. Sorry. 1 star review - he was abrupt on the phone.He referred me to another place and then hung up. OK -I am better off not answering. Send me an email, include your telephone # and I will call. Usually evenings I make all my phone calls.

Do you charge a deposit? How much? 

Yes, I have too. The deposit for your trip is 25% of the total trip cost. Therefore if as an example you have 4 adults and the total trip cost is $400.00 then a $100.00 non -refundable deposit is taken to hold your date. While I state the deposit is in fact non -refundable some exclusions do apply. Bad weather conditions, family emergency, and valid reasons that prevent us from doing the trip if it can not be rescheduled I may well refund the deposit. I am not out to scam anyone here. However if you simply change your mind, or saw a weather report that suggests a 30% chance of rain and now don't want to go. Then yes I will keep the deposit as your reservation prevented me from making another. You also have the option of transferring your deposit and reservation to another person.  The balance is paid upon pick up enroute to your destination. Waiver of liability forms are also signed at this time. 

Waiver of Liability

All participants must sign a waiver of liability. Some trips pose very little risk, others a bit more. There is always the possibility one could step on a sting ray or sea urchin. Other trips we may encounter wild monkeys, alligators, snakes, etc... Should you choose not to follow my direction and start messing with a gator and it decides to attack you, well it is your own fault dummy!

If you go on a rope swing and try and do a double flip and fail - and hurt yourself. This is not my fault. Insurance is my #1 expense and trust me it is not cheap. My auto insurance policy should cover you in the event we are in an accident - but if for example a semi truck jack knifes and flips over in front of us and I am unable to perform an evasive maneuver in time to avoid a collision, this is why everyone must sign the waiver of liability. 99% of the time we will have no issues or injuries. The waiver is for that 1% freak chance something may occur.  My guests safety is always paramount, We follow all the rules as set forth by the State of Florida and the Florida State Parks. I know many of the park rangers and wish to keep my responsible tour operator reputation with them. We do not litter, rather we may pick up some trash along the way to preserve the natural beauty of the places we explore. I am trained in CPR and other life saving skills. I am a very strong swimmer and in my youth was a beach life guard. I have a vast knowledge of the various species of plants & wildlife we will encounter on our adventures. You do not for example want to touch the poison sumac, or you will get a rash that will aggravate you for a week - no fun! These are the things you may not know I will do my best to prevent you from being stupid about. Here is the waiver

Can we take our own vehicle?

Sure. Some people feel they will be more comfortable in their own vehicle. I understand. However, please understand this does not reduce the cost of your trip in anyway as I still have to drive and haul the kayaks and gear to our destination. At present I have a 7 passenger 2016 Town & County van with 4 captains chairs and a 3rd row seat that fits 3 ( usually the kids) I desined my Kayak Tour SERVICE wiuth our Clearwater - IRB Tourist familes in mind that dont have a rental car. If you drove down - and want to drive - Great. Bonus....your vehicle becomes the return shuttle, This allows us to do a float trip - with the flow all the way. We park your car at the pullout - then put in upriver....leave the van and kayak trailer. Tour car shuttles me back to get the van and trailer - return,,, load up -

Do you offer Kayak Fishing Trips?

Yes and no. There are several complicated laws and fishing regulations for both salt & freshwater species. Personally, I do enjoy fishing and of course I know some great spots. If you are an out of state resident and you go on one of the fishing charter boats their license covers you. This is not true with a kayak tour operator and each person must secure their own fishing license, species tags etc... salt or fresh water. I do not claim to be an expert fishing guide. I would much prefer to simply recommend one of my friends who are. If this is of interest to you ask me. That being said, yes if you have your own fishing pole and tackle and have the required license and permits, sure you may bring your pole and tackle box on the trip. If you are going to do this please advise me so I can suggest the best fishing locations to take you to and know where we can pick up some bait for you, at your expense.

What about food or water?  What should we bring?

The less you bring the better. Of course you will want to bring your camera, video camera, sun protection, a towel, and perhaps a extra T-shirt, swim trunks or shorts. Flip flops or water shoes are best. Rules vary, but keep in mind most destinations prohibit the use of any disposable type containers. This includes styrofoam cups, aluminum cans, plastic water bottles. I will have a cooler with ice and jug of water, ice tea, lemonade or soft drinks plus the approved personal containers for you. Yes you may bring a picnic lunch.Other times we simply stop or hit a drive thru you prefer. Some trips end at really good restaurants I have specially selected and have arrangements with the owners of these places to cater to my guests in exchange for me bringing them business for example they reserve the nice view table for us etc... 1 place gives you a free dessert. Again your job is to enjoy the trip - my job is to handle the little details. Relax - your in good hands.

Did you know your website isn't finished yet? 

Yes, I know. Will it ever be done? I hope not, as I will continue to add to it's contents, people keep coming up with new questions and things are always changing. So this website will never be done... till I am done. Send comments - suggestions, critiques or a compliment to me here via the contacts page. 

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