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  I do not offer instant online booking.  People always have questions anyway and I prefer the telephone.


Some will take your automated online booking so nobody else gets your business, then call at the last minute to tell you, " Sorry we are over booked ".  I never screw our visitors this way or have this problem.


Please understand I am a talker not a texter. I use the telephone. If you think I am writing you a letter on a mini mobile phone keypad 1 finger~ 1 letter at a time. Wrong. Not happening. I have a phone in my hand and we can just talk - so call please , not text.

Visa, Master Charge, American Express, Discover and Venmo or cash.  a 25% deposit reserves your date. Balance is due at the end of your trip.  Once your in my calendar book, your in. 

If I am driving with customers, out of coverage area kayaking in remote places. I can't answer my phone. Please leave a voicemail, otherwise I will assume the missed call was just another silly telemarketer. 

KC Hicks


Call KC at Coconut Kayak Tours to reserve your kayak adventure! 727 238 1960

Making an advance reservation starts here. Please include # of persons, date you would like to go, where your staying, etc. I check this daily and usually make all return calls in the evening. See FAQ for silly questions. If your calling the day of, to go now during Spring Break, Sorry - I am only 1 person and can only take so many. Don't get mad at me!
I can answer any questions while on the telephone.


Expect a call soon!

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