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You can also now book online! Be sure to leave your mobile phone number and expect a human confirmation call. All the data online also goes in my old fashioned calendar book so I have the records in Black n White. If these computers go crazy - or the Internet is down. I still have it. 

Yes, you may still simply call me and make a reservation over the phone. I grew up in the age of rotary dial telephones and the Yellow Pages. Pre - Internet so I understand if your a senior and don't understand or trust all this new fangled technology. 


If I am driving with customers, out of coverage area kayaking in remote places. I can't answer my phone. Please leave a voicemail, otherwise I will assume the missed call was just another silly telemarketer. Thanks for your understanding.

Visa, Master Charge, American Express, Discover and Venmo or cash.  Booking online requires payment in full.

Be sure to also sign the online waiver of liability.   Once your in my calendar book, your in. 


Call KC at Coconut Kayak Tours to reserve your kayak adventure! 727 238 1960
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Making an advance reservation starts here. Please include # of persons, date you would like to go, where your staying, etc. I check this daily and usually make all return calls in the evening. Most all answers to common questions can be found here on this website.
I can answer any other questions while on the telephone.

Expect a call soon!

KC Hicks


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