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       Because every single trip varies from the next it would be impossible for me to create a concrete price chart. Trips may last 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. Every trip is custom tailored to ensure you and everyone in your family or group of friends will have an awesome adventure. Most are family friendly and fine for children, others are pretty extreme and not for everyone. Some destinations are not listed here because they are not known destinations and are my secret spots found thru extensive exploration where few - if anyone has gone before.


Price is determined based upon the following: Destination, duration of & the number of persons in your family or group; ages.  Each destination has different costs. Most trips are private, but occasionally I do combine for example 2 couples which results in a lower per person price for everyone.  Please be advised the best trips I offer are outside of heavily developed Pinellas County. No destination is greater then a few hours drive time. This allows for up to 4 hours round trip drive plus 4 to 5 hours kayaking and exploring, making it a true full day adventure.


      I am a one man show, and you will always get me as your guide. I know my schedule and availability. Simply call me with your destination interest, number of persons, etc... after discussing different options with you - ONLY then can I give you a firm price on the whole trip.


     Payment: I accept Cash, Visa & Master Charge, American Express & Discover. All trips require a 25% deposit to hold your day. My prices include everything including State Park admissions, launch fees etc... The balance is paid for when you are picked up. Even though I carry costly insurance.  All participants must sign a waiver of liability.


   The ONLY way to book or reserve your trip is directly with me via the telephone.

     *Select Hotel Concierge persons may book the trip for you, but rest assured they have contacted me to set up the arrangements.


      I have lived here most all my life and am well known on our island paradise.  I reserve the right to refuse service to uncool people, and those whom do not comply with the laws or common decency.  For example: We do not feed the alligators chickens for good reason.  You may not "bronco bull ride" a manatee. Alcohol may not be permitted. Only dead shells may be collected - if a shell contains a live  inhabitant, we allow them to live thus ensuring there will be more shells for future generations. An exception to this rule might be if we go collect scallops during scallop season, we eat those!

      Like I have done, you may go to or www.PaddleFlorida.Net  and find 100+ kayak routes within a few hours from Clearwater Beach. Yes, I have been to most at some point and narrowed it down to the best.  Below however will give you some ideas. Additionally, this page contains some Alternate Options and links to my "Competitors" . Why would I send business to my competition?  The fact is there is no way I can possibly provide my services to everyone that calls me, often at the last minute. I am an one man show and have no interest in hiring employees, investing in more kayaks and gear and making my life more complicated. This is a fun enjoyable business for me, and I intend on keeping it that way. My reward is my happiness and enjoyment sharing my love of nature and the places we go, the excitement on a kids face seeing their first manatee - money can not buy that. 



I simply do my best to treat everyone fairly and equitably. On behalf of everyone here on our #1 beach waiting to serve you - hotels, restaurants and other attractions we look forward to your visit to our beautiful beaches!





Wild Monkeys!
Silver Springs & River

     Yes! It's true, there are in fact 100's running around Florida, but YOU are not suppose to know this. The state of Florida wishes I didn't tell you their true history and how they came to be here. The best place to find and view them is the Silver Springs & River.  Located just outside Ocala about a 2.5 hour drive each way - but well worth the destination of one of the most beautiful spring fed rivers in Florida. Often I am asked, what is your best trip? This would be it. The most beautiful river in Florida with an abundance of wildlife, including manatees. Great for small children as well. .

If I am not available, Call Mike Sage at:


Hammock Creek


Discover the tiny" Old Florida"  fishing town of Aripeka barely on the map, population 300 or so. Located about 1 hours drive north of Clearwater Beach - here you will find the REAL Florida as it once was. We launch from Norfleets Fish Camp & General Store and explore Hammock Creek.

Clearwater Bay


Court says city doesn’t own land under Clearwater Beach Recreation center


     The parcel of land that the Clearwater Beach Recreation Center and Library is built on doesn’t belong to the city. That’s just one of the momentous findings in a ruling issued by Pinellas circuit judge Keith Meyer late yesterday.


     The case was an “action to quiet title” brought against the State of Florida by a company called by LLC. The company is owned by 30-year Clearwater Beach resident Bill Blackwood, who surveyed his title to establish its boundaries. The state agreed with Blackwood’s survey, and so did the judge.

     The City of Clearwater attempted to stop my use of the " Public boat ramp" and launching of kayaks here.

     However, I have permission from Bill Blackwood who is the legal owner of the property to launch my kayaks here and use his property to park my van and trailer. The city has no jurisdiction on property they do not own. Therefore, I win.

This is the launch site of 4 different destinations  / tours. The most popular is to the "Secret Beach" which well... is a secret. Bird Island loop, Island Estates, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous & The "Get Spoiled " island where I maroon you and your spouse for 1/2 an hour to share a cocktail and take in the sunset on my sunset special tour. 

Islands of Adventure - Beach Treasures

Choose from The Secret Beach, Spoil islands, Caladesi Island; Shell Key;  Pineapple Island; Honeymoon Island, Anclote Key  3 Rooker Island and others. These islands are all close by local trips and you may choose a half or full day adventure. Our beautiful pristine beaches I take you to offer up all kinds of treasures, so be sure to bring your beach combing bag! Price based upon # of guests, ages, 1/2 or Full day.


Panther Pathway


Fewer then 150 Florida Panthers remain . No guarantees on this trip kids. But if you want a big adventure. Let us go see if we can find a rare Florida Panther! Before they become extinct - come along with KC as he knows a spot you have a chance to see one. Only the most adventurous, not a scared y pants kids and teens will want to venture into this wild sub tropical jungle.   If we don't find a panther, it's okay because we will be seeing all kinds of other wildlife along this section of the Wild Myakka River. About one and a half hours drive from Clerwater Beach. 

Deep Hole
Myakka River State Park.

Chances are on any inland river trips we will see a gator or two, gators like fresh water - NOT saltwater. If you have a fear of gators I recommend a coastal paddle. Few others even know - much less are willing to take you where I will.


 Not for young kids or the faint of heart. I happen to know a spot called "Deep Hole" which is an ancient sinkhole 300 plus foot deep. This hole in Myakka River State Park is where in the winter months as many as 200 gators are laying on the banks.  This spot requires a special permit from the State Park Ranger and only a limited number are issued. You must sign an additional waiver of liability. INSANE! 

I also know the haunts of "Gatorzilla" a massive 15 foot gator, he is the king of the swamp and is harmless - most often I can find him.

The Chaz & Secret Spring
Rainbow Springs & River

     Best in the warmer months. Full Day trips only. We begin with a walking tour of the old Florida attraction complete with waterfalls and a dip in the crystal clear spring. Next we go to the KP Hole launch site and flow down river where it merges into the Withlacoochee River. Here we can pull out at Anglers Resort for a nice dinner at the Blue Gator Restaurant before making the return trip to your hotel or vacation rental. A fabulous trip for the whole family and the kids will have the time of their life! 

coconut Kayak Tours

     The Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge. Comprising some 31,000 acres of unspoiled beauty and home to over 250 varieties of birds, 50 or more reptiles and amphibians plus at least 30 different mammals - including Deer, Florida Black Bear, River Otters, Raccoons and the endangered West Indian Manatee. Several side routes flow into the main Chassahowitzka River.


We will begin with a quick trip upriver to the 7 Sisters Spring before turning round down river and taking Baird Creek up to the "Secret Spring" or " The Crack" as it has since been named is so hidden you really need someone like me to get you there. After swinging on the rope swings - splashing in the spring and a optional picnic lunch we will explore more as time provides before taking the scenic coastal route back to the beaches.


Braden River & Linger Lodge
Clam Bayou

Clam Bayou is a 170-acre estuary between Gulfport, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida, and Boca Ciega Bay. The neighborhood around the estuary is also known as Clam Bayou. The area is popular with kayakers. This is a nice 1/2 day trip, and provides a little bit of everything for everyone. Great for seniors to get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine for a few hours with nothing too extreme. If you like we can stop in hip n groovy Gulfport for a bit to check out the gift shops and perhaps have a cocktail or cold beer afterwards before returning you to your hotel.


Clam Bayou would NOT be what it is today were it not for the dedicated clean up efforts of Kurt Zueldorf of Kayak Nature Adventures.


Please See:

This trip takes us south - over the Sunshine Skyway to the Braden River & an "Old Florida" treasure known as the Linger Lodge . You will have to look it up yourself. Some people won't believe me anyway. One of the top 5 weirdest restaurants in America according to Food Networks' Al Roker. To just say it is bizarre would be an understatement.  Check for lunch or dinner is on you. EZ kayak trip about 2 hours paddle. We simply launch and do an hour up & back before dinner. Highly recommended for my Senior Guests who think they have seen it all. 5-6 hour trip all total.

Please note: The owner Fritz is substantially upgrading the RV campground and due to Covid 19 the restaurant is temporally closed. 


Weeki Wachee

Homosassa Springs State Park

Yes! It's Available again.  Weeki Wachee was one of Florida's original Theme Parks and Road Side Attractions. They went broke and the State of Florida purchased it and it is now a Florida State Park. Here is a great trip for small children and I do it a few ways. My expenses on this are high - paid to the contracted vendor whom has made it difficult for all other kayak outfitters to launch from "Their" location. This trip requires an advance launch reservation of at least 3 days. The reason is because conveniently they will never have availability on short notice. Manatees are often seen here, this mostly shallow spring fed river is great for small children as we go with the flow... so the kids only have to paddle to steer more so then propel themselves. 

A great way to end this trip is a late lunch at the Upper Deck Restaurant. Drinks & Food here are on you - and not included.

Note: The State Park is currently closed for renovations - but the kayak launch is open.


Click on image to go to the Upperdeck Website.

Homosassa Springs Florida State Park & MacRaes combo trip. Located just 1.5 - 2 hours north drive time our first stop is at the Homosassa Springs State Park where the kids can get educated about the Manatees ( Trip price includes all State Park admission fees.) Usually we spend about 1 hour walking thru the animal exhibits here. Next we are off to possibly locate a wild manatee via kayak from any of several launch locations  Following the Manatee interaction laws it is possible the kids will get to pet one. Then we gotta check out monkey island where the spider monkeys from the old Tarzan movies hang out. Our adventure ends at Gator MacRae's where we have a late lunch or dinner at The Shed - ( or other restaurant choice) before returning home. ONLY Full day trips here.


Frog Creek
& Terra Ceia Preserve

This is a little known easy trip. Located just 1/2 hr to 45 minutes over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. We put in at the privately owned Frog Creek Campground and begin our journey down a dark water creek thru an ancient oak and palm hammock that slowly changes to a mangrove maze and into the Terra Ceia State Preserve on Tampa Bay. This place is perfect habitat for Blue Crab!

      This trip is suitable for younger kids and part of the fun if you like can be spent teaching the kids how to catch blue crabs! I just use string - chicken and a small net.

Debbie & her husband run this awesome little RV Park, with a proper kayak launch and rentals primarily for their RV Park guests. She is kinda picky who she will allow to launch from here. If I can't take you because I am booked up call Debbie and ask if she has a few kayaks available to rent to you for a self guided kayak trek. Simply click on the logo icon below for more info.

Rare Gator Frog Hunt

This is just for the kids. ( Or a really gullible family member) While driving to our destination, I tell the tale of the very rare Gator frogs created by the mad genetic scientist. While you do your best to contain your laughter. I know the Easter bunny isn't real either, but don't spoil the fun for the kids here. It is everything else they find and see looking for the elusive gator frogs that matters. One day years later they will probably figure out they been duped, but it is a trip they will talk about and remember for the rest of their lives. The Gator Frog adventure is free for the kids and is just something I do to make it a bit more fun on any adventure you choose.


Hey kids! Located next door to the Holiday Inn on Indian Rocks Beach is a newer Water Park! You DO NOT have to be a guest of the Holiday Inn to enjoy the Splash Harbor Water Park. Your parents can purchase tickets just for the waterpark. Click the logo above for more information.


Place of the Sleeping Turtles

The Narrows

     This is a local trip for those people staying at IRB Holiday Inn Harbour side, Guests can just walk next door to where we launch.


     This section of Intracoastal waterway is known as "The Narrows" and is a "No Wake" Zone for power boats. We will paddle south to Conch Key and do some exploring in the mangroves before pulling out at the Indian Shores Boat Launch.


    Possible to see a dolphin, but no gators here.  If your interests are just getting some sun and exercise without having to travel far this is a nice option.   Then you will just have to wait 15 minutes while I go retrieve the van and trailer to bring you back. Or you can opt to hop on the Sun Coast Beach Trolley for 2 bucks.  




This kayak adventure is best taken by those who have some kayaking experience. The sleeping turtles preserve in Sarasota County is on one side of the Myakka River - and the Myakka River State Park owned land is the other side. This section of the Myakka River is an unspoiled paradise with grandfather oaks dripping with Spanish moss , full of air plants, and resurrection fern. This trip takes us over the Sunshine Skyway and is 95% Interstate 275 / 75 so it goes quick. Depending on traffic between 1 hour 15 min and 1 and half hours from Clearwater Beach but well worth the scenic drive. Pinellas County has NOTHING like this. It is quite possible we will encounter a HUGE gator, we will observe it sure. As long as we leave it alone - it will leave us alone.

Click here for more info



Little Manatee River

at Marty Zoofingers

zolfingers Transparant.png

There is the Manatee River and the Little Manatee River. Then there is what I call THE BIG MANATEE River. As it flows out into the Gulf the little manatee widens into a salt mangrove estuary. This is where we will usually find a few BIG Manatees and a cool guy by the name of Marty Zoofinger. He is "almost famous" for his YouTube kayak fishing videos and kayak projects. He is a kayak pal of mine and I can usually convince him to let us drop by his place and launch from his dock. From here we explore some mangroves, look for manatees and usually make a stop on Goat Island for a swim or picnic. If time affords in the winter months we also usually stop at TECO Manatee viewing center where several manatees can be seen from the boardwalk above in the warm water discharge canal.  



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