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Custom Tailored Private Guided Kayak Tours

 Up to 6 Persons Max

Friends & Family Group Rate

Full Day Adventures $425

1/2 Day Local Trips $300

*Custom Trips are Custom Priced, Call me and after discussing options,

number of persons, destination etc... ONLY Then can I give you a price.

Shout out & a Big Thanks To Marcus, a former motel guest and friend who created this video for me. Use the speaker thingy for sound.


It is Manatee Season!
Officially Jan 1 till March 31st...   as if Manatees Follow the Calendar.
It is the best trip this time of year. Multiple destination options.


A truly unique species of marine mammal lives in Florida’s waterways. The Florida manatee, a subspecies of the West Indian manatee, is native to Florida and has existed here for millions of years. Manatees are large, gray, tube-shaped marine mammals with leathery-looking skin, whiskered faces, flippers, and paddle-shaped tails. The average adult manatee is about 10 feet long. weighing around 1.800 pounds.The manatee is Florida’s state marine mammal and is one of the state’s imperiled species protected by federal and state laws.


It is estimated there are no more than 5000 remaining  in the southeastern U.S. & Puerto Rico.

Manatees live in many aquatic habitats. Most of the year, they may be found in fresh or saltwater, preferring calmer rivers, estuaries, bays, and canals around coastal Florida. In the winter, manatees seek warmer waters and often migrate to the discharge areas near power plants and in naturally warm water springs to survive the cold temperatures. In 2021 we lost over 1000 manatees. Legislation has now taking place to return their status from Threatened to Endangered.


We also lost our famous Dolphin Winter and Clearwater Marine Aquarium has announced a new 10 million dollar Manatee Rescue & Rehab attraction will be constructed in Winters former pool. Coconut Kayak Tours will be helping to raise awareness, plus a generous donation towards their efforts.


Please Click Here for more information on Clearwater Marine Aquarium & How You can Help.

New Pricing Plan. Flat Rate All Inclusive Friends & Family Group Rates.

I am going to try something different here. Announcing simple flat rate friends & family group pricing.  $425.00 Full Day - $300.00 1/2 day local trips. Up to six persons. 


Returning customers will notice many of my destination options have been deleted. The reason for this is I found the special place and created a route for MY customers. Things and conditions are constantly changing. For example: the Little Manatee River. If the water level is running high swift and fast, it might be okay for experienced paddlers, but not for most. 95% of my customers are tourists - so to be blunt without sounding rude - You don't have a clue anyway. You have to go - to know. Words alone do not describe some of my destinations. That is WHY you have me as your Kayak Guide. Let me show you the special - magical places. 


Our weather can change quickly and is somewhat unpredictable, and despite the misconception Florida does not have seasons, we do. When the alligators are in mating , we want to just leave them alone... wrong time of year for the Myakka or Hillsborough River. Kayaking in the Gulf is fine most of the year, but December to March it is cold. The springs however are 73-74 degrees all year round. Thus why the manatees come in.


Another example was the Piney Point spill from Mosaic - some areas were decimated over the summer.  Over 40 tons of dead fish and marine life including sea turtles, manatees were removed by Pinellas County before hitting our #1 beaches. Thank you Charter Fishing Operators whom took the job, since their normal fishing business was severely affected. You would not of wanted to go to Clam Bayou and kayak in a stinky cesspool of rotting fish. Now - its back... but change is a never ending process. It would be a full time job to constantly update all the various destination conditions. Then I had the complaint that the Weeki Wachee spring was not the exact shade of blue as shown in a photo on my website.

There are not less then 100 places to kayak within an hours drive of the Pinellas beaches.

I have been exploring the creeks, rivers, springs, coastal marine estuaries around here for decades, so put a bit of faith in my knowledge of the area and that I am always staying up on current conditions. Sure I will listen to what you would like most to see, what is the fitness level of whom is going, ages. Then I can tell you which destination is best. Sometimes we do more then kayaking - like stopping along our adventure to show the kids how to catch Blue Crabs. Other places we look for sharks teeth, or spend time collecting shells and other beach treasures. Then there is also the Gator Frog hunt. Some senior guests enjoy bringing their camera to photograph the many beautiful Florida birds. Stopping often to get a shot, our total distance kayaking may be shorter - we just adjust things as we go sometimes. It is never a race, but always a fun family activity for all ages.


I have what I call my Senior kayak - with a chine hull so it is very stable. Nice lawn chair style seat for their back. So yes, even grandpa can go! ( That is my 80+ Dad in the picture)  Smaller children are best in a tandem kayak with one of the parents, and while obviously their little arms won't accomplish much. We still give them a kids paddle so they feel as if they are participating in the activity. I am also very good at teaching the kids who may of never kayaked on their own HOW to do it. What age? It depends on the child - and parents are a better judge of their children then me. I do have the best kids kayak for first time kids to learn. We can always tie them to a "Training" line. I don't call it a "Tow line". 


I have some destinations that are totally kid friendly - and other destinations like Deep Hole along the Myakka River where HUGE gators lurk. Not for the faint of heart.








Yes, sometimes, not always; I will try to match up couples - 2 + 2 so that 4 go and the price is divided equally and less $ for you. Or add a solo traveler to a group of friends going as an extra. I will also plan out custom trips with custom pricing but most all trips will fall exactly at the new flat group friends and family rate.

In conclusion, I just try to be fair to everyone, and ask the same in return. The only part NOT included so we are clear, is if your hungry and want to stop on the way back for a bite. Yes, I know some great places. I don't charge you for stopping, but your meal and drinks check is on you. Some of my kayak tours end at great restaurants.


Please Understand my Kayak Tour Service is totally unique in that I have built and designed my service with my customers in mind. My van idea would probably not work in most other markets. It works fabulously here, where many tourists opt to skip the rental car.


Don't want the cheap orange bulk life jacket with the funk and sweat of the last 10 users still on it? Nasty. This is what you usually get. Not with me.... always nice clean PFD's, Carbon fiber paddles and a nicer kayak then most of your rental outfits. Best of all is you get me. There is a cost for quality and I am not interested in being the cheapest guy in town. When you consider the 89.00 per ticket price of a two hour show - or a day at Busch Gardens. It's still a good value for your hard earned vacation budget. Plus you don't have to drive there, pay to park, etc. I also always include cold drinks on ice in my cooler. Most people didn't pack a cooler as extra luggage on the plane. I also have some other little extras - like waterproof phone cases, squirt guns for the kids and extra sunscreen if you forgot. Included.

 I am adding some Trip ideals, but in no way is it a complete list. Just some of the more popular trips.

Some places I don't want to advertise online, I don't want everyone else showing up. I prefer to have the places I go all to ourselves. Less people equates to more wildlife. I tend to specialize in off the beaten path locations. Social distancing never looked so good. To answer the question real quick... NO. Masks are not required. We will be outside in the fresh air, sunshine and getting some exercise.


Thanks for taking the time to read all this, if you still have questions see my FAQ or call me. I am a talker NOT a texter. My mission is simply to make sure you have a great vacation so you - like many others - will want to return to our beautiful beach again and again.

Yes, We were shut down for Covid - I am often asked How was it? This video should answer it all for you. A Resort Ghost Town. Music by Stick Martin - Catch him at Crabbys Bar & Grill.


     Originally I started at the Clearwater Beach Marina - then I was told because of all the other boat traffic in and out of the marina. I could no longer launch kayaks from there. The city of Clearwater was concerned about their liability. With no place else to go this is when I got the idea for a van and offer pick up and return transportation. Next, I was told I could not use the "public" boat launch next to the library, the ONLY other suitable launch location on Clearwater Beach. However, I have Mr. Blackwoods express permission I can use HIS property - and the city of Clearwater has no jurisdiction on property they do not own.

Court says city doesn’t own land under Clearwater Beach Recreation center

In other news, The Original motel started in 1956 is no more. Thanks to 1000's of great customers over the years. Frenchy lost his silly lawsuit and the brand new Beachwalk Inn has finally started construction. The new hotel design will not include a new Frenchys South Beach Restaurant on the Gulf end and instead the new 88 room luxury hotel will just be built around Frenchys South beach Cafe.