Tours & Pricing

       Because every single trip varies from the next it would be impossible for me to create a concrete price chart. Trips may last 2 - 4 or 6 hours. Typically $75.00 to $125.00 per person. Every trip is custom tailored to ensure you and everyone in your family or group of friends will have an awesome adventure. Price is determined based upon the following: Destination, the number of persons in your family or group; ages. 2 hour to full day adventures. The farther we travel, the higher the gas expense. Each destination has different costs. I know what my costs are, and basically have a core trip charge. For example, if 2 persons want to go on Trip X and the core cost is 300.00 then it is 150.00 per person. But if you have 4 persons in your group - the price would drop to $100.00 per person. Please be advised the best trips I offer are outside of heavily developed Pinellas County. No destination is greater then 2.5 hours drive time. This allows for up to 4 hours round trip drive plus 4 to 5 hours kayaking and exploring, making it a true full day adventure.


      I am a one man show, and you will always get me as your guide. I know my schedule and availability. Simply call me with your destination interest, number of persons, etc... after discussing different options with you - ONLY then can I give you a firm price on the whole trip which you may then break down per person. I accept Cash, Visa & Master Charge American Express & Discover. All trips require a 25% deposit to hold your special day. The balance is paid for when you are picked up. Even though I carry costly insurance.  All participants must sign a waiver of liability,


      The ONLY way to book or reserve your trip is directly with me via the telephone.

     *Select Hotel Concierge persons may book the trip for you, but rest assured they have contacted me to set up the arrangements.


      I have lived here most all my life and am well known on our island paradise.  I reserve the right to refuse service to uncool people, and those whom do not comply with the laws of our state and state park system. For example: We do not feed the alligators chickens for good reason.  You can not bring a 12 pack of beer on the river as alcohol is not allowed 90% of the places we may go by state, city or county law.


       You may not "bronco bull ride" a manatee. Only dead shells may be collected - if a shell contains a live  inhabitant, we allow them to live thus ensuring there will be more shells for future generations. An exception to this rule might be if we go collect scallops during scallop season, we eat those! ​It is my mission to help educate and bring awareness to our eco systems and wild life.  My prices include everything including State Park admissions, launch fees etc...  I also don't publish all my routes online. Below however will give you some ideas. I simply do my best to treat everyone fairly and equitably. Thank You for your understanding.