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Tours & Prices

New! Announcing Online Booking.

I made this really simple. Cost is only $30.00 Per Person, per hour. Therefore 3 people  3x $30 = $90.00  X 2 hours = $180.00  Total ~  Simple.  2 person - 2 hours minimum. 

( Yes, You can have your own kayak - You are not forced to share a tandem.)

All short and sweet kayak tours depart from your hotel or vacation rental to the closest launch location to where you are staying.  If Mom wants to pack sandwiches for a picnic lunch on the island - sure you can. Remember I ALWAYS include an Igloo cooler with water, ice tea, sports drinks on ice. Life jackets, Carbon fiber paddles, and nice quality kayaks. My job is to worry about all the details - your job is to just show up & enjoy the trip.

NO! I do not have those made in China  clear poly bathtub kayaks. Visibility in Clearwater bay is about 1 foot - all your going to see below you is murky green bay water. In my opinion they are not safe, no scupper holes to self bail water, no storage & a soggy butt uncomfortable seat.  They perform poorly. Tip over in one of these, have fun trying to get back in it. Don't be fooled by your imagination and pictures shown taken some where else. We are not in Tahiti or the Seychelles islands. The Mandalay channel is 25 feet deep, not a 2 foot lagoon in Polynesia.











All online booking must be made 24 hours in advance. Please include your mobile phone for a confirmation call from me. I never trusted computers - sorry. I grew up in the age of rotary dial telephones and the Yellow Pages, We never had Googles.  My cell is 727 238 1960 and you can always call me as well. If booking online please be sure to check the weather in advance. Your safety will always be priority one. Florida weather prediction is a real trick. Obviously I will refund you if a storm pops up that prevents us from going and we can't reschedule.  But if you stayed out till 3 am drinking and are hungover.  "Ya we changed our mind. We don't feel like kayaking now. " NO REFUND. I too must follow the online booking companies policies and I am not buying your trip because you changed your mind on going.

Short trips are designed for those that just want a quick short local trip.

Long Drives ARE NOT Included or accepted.

    For destinations further out like Weeki Wachee, Rainbow River etc... and for friends & family's with 3 - 6 persons  book a 1/2 (4-5 hours) or Full day trip. It's a better value for you. Round trip transport is included.

       I have about kayak 50 routes in my head, all of which I have been at least a few times if not many. All routes are designed for 3 - 4 hours of actual kayaking, by your average inexperienced kayak people; with a few breaks along the way. The short trips I come up with are for those that only want a local 2 hour tour. There are no spring fed rivers in Pinellas County, in winter the manatees are not likely to be found HERE - but up in the Springs. I can never guarantee wild animals, especially those on the Endangered Species list. If anyone can find you some manatees, I am your guy.

      I know my mobile Kayak tour service is unique, everyone else has you show up. Some of my launch locations are not easy to find. Others like Frog Creek , only allow us to go from their private campground because I have prior arrangements made with the owners. Restaurants destinations as well.



Trust this better explains and furthers your understanding. IF you still have questions - just call me. If your staying downtown Tampa - I would refer you to Eco Emersion Kayak on Weedon Island. 20 minutes from down town Tampa on Weedon Island.  Of course I know all the best spots and other honest kayak outfitters that run a nice business. Advice is always free, I am the #1 kayak tour guide from Americas #1 beach - and really all of Pinellas County. Even my competitors will attest to that. I have no shortage of customers in season. I am now 60 years of age and this is my fun little business. I enjoy what I do. Yes, I will employ your teenage son to help lift the kayaks off the kayak trailer for 5 minutes, I am not paying a helper $200. a day for 5 minutes of actual work. I am a 1 man show, do everything myself.

I keep this biz simple and stress free. 


Only recently did I add 2 hour tours and online booking. Thus far I am very happy with the Indexic Company I selected to handle that part of this website. 

Trust I completely checked them out before signing up, and best of all is my personal customer service gal Samantha I can easily reach out  to should an issue arise. I refuse to wait on hold for 40 minutes like some others, You can feel confident nobody is going to order pizza with your credit card # and personal details provided.


        My mission is to assure you have fun and an enjoyable kayak adventure, so you and the family can't wait to return to our beautiful beaches next year. I grew up here - and in the motel/ tourism biz for years. Clearwater Beach is #1 because of the people that live and work here , not 4 walls and a bed.

Rely on the free services of your hotel concierges, and front desk staff. They know.

For other destinations further out like Weeki Wachee, Myakka River etc... and friends or family's with 3 or more persons  book a 1/2 (4-5 hours) or Full day trip to further away destinations. 3 hours drive time plus 4 -5 hours kayaking / exploring = full day.


Friends & Family Simple Flat Rate Pricing Includes All.
$425.oo 1/2 day $575.oo Full day. Up to 6 Persons.

     Escape the Insanity & over crowded beaches with Coconut Kayak Tours. I will take you to places you never knew existed. Secret Beaches, Secret Springs, Off the beaten path - and NO ! I am not publishing all my spots here. Others start showing up and I like places we can have all to ourselves, or few others.


      There are not less then 100 places to kayak within a few hours drive of the Pinellas beaches. It would be near impossible to list them all. I have been exploring the creeks, rivers, springs, coastal marine estuaries around here for decades, so put a bit of faith in my knowledge of the area and that I am always staying up on current conditions.  

     Sometimes we do more then kayaking - like stopping along our adventure to show the kids how to catch Blue Crabs. Other places we look for sharks teeth, or spend time collecting shells and other beach treasures. Then there is also the Gator Frog hunt. Some senior guests enjoy bringing their camera to photograph the many beautiful Florida birds. Stopping often to get a shot, our total distance kayaking may be shorter. We just adjust things as we go. It is never a race, but always a fun family activity for all ages.


     Most of my routes were planned for 3 to 4 hours kayaking time. Local trips are typically 1/2 day - $425.  Full day is $575  Typically further outside densely populated Pinellas County. The additional $150 difference. covers fuel and drive time. Snook Haven for example is an hour 15 minutes from Clearwater Beach. Round trip drive time 2.5 hours, kayaking the Myakka River 3.5 - 4 hours add 1 hour to enjoy some BBQ and a cold beer 1 hour. It adds up to a full day. 


     If you just want to go to Caladesi island - drive time is about 15 minutes to the launch from Clearwater beach. About 1.5 hours kayaking up, an hour for some beach time, picnic lunch and 1.5 hours back 4 hours = a 1/2 day.

                 All my tours are custom - I am the company, so I can do whatever I want - questions just call. 


Photo Note & Policy

      Some competitors and other attractions charge an extra fee, or want to sell you a souvenir photo for $25.00 - $50.00. Not here. Photos are always "free" . You are welcome to bring your own camera gear or use your modern communication device to take pictures. Yes, I am always happy to stop for a "Kodak Moment" and take your photo as a memento of your kayaking adventure. I respect every ones right to privacy and I never post your photos online on any social media websites, but YOU can. I personally do not like my mug on the Internet and this will explain why I am always the chimp.  I like my privacy, perhaps you do as well. This being said I enjoy photographing and videoing nature. Yes, I have a Mac running Final Cut Pro video editing - Adobe Photoshop and other programs. Yes, I built, and maintain this web site myself even though I have no formal training or schooling for it. 


      When I was little I bought a Kodak Brownie camera for .88 cents from the neighbors garage sale. Mrs. Cherry wanted $1.00 but .88 cents is all I had. Everything was manual. A roll of film with 12 photos and getting them developed at Foto Mat would cost me an entire weeks allowance from my chores. This is how I learned to take great pictures. Making sure my frame would capture the image I wanted, my horizon was level , I had good light etc... before I clicked that shutter.  Today with digital photos, computer editing I am still just having fun. 

        In closing, I have toasted $1000's of dollars of Pro Digital SLRs, 3 Chip Video cameras, cell phones and gear in my lifetime. The cost for an expensive hobby. Sand, Salt air, humidity, water all will destroy sensitive electronic components. It is what it is. Please understand your camera, cell phone are used at your risk and responsibility. I will never be held responsible for your devices. If you choose to bring your $1000 iphone kayaking and you tip in and soak your cell phone. Sucks. But don't blame me. I am not paying for the cost to replace it. Thank you for your understanding.

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