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Tours & Prices

Friends & Family Simple Flat Rate Pricing Includes All.
$425.oo 1/2 day $575.oo Full day. Up to 6 Persons.

Summer Savings. $30.00 per person, per hour.
3 People  X $30. = $90.00 X 3 Hours =  $270.00
Everything Included, Simple, No Gimmicks!

 Want to go kayaking Clearwater Beach? Looking for a unique and adventurous way to explore the beautiful waterways of Pinellas beaches and islands? Look no further than Coconut Kayak Tours! KC will take you to secret beaches, little known islands, springs, and off-the-beaten-path locations that you never existed. With over 100 places to kayak within a few hours' drive, we guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience that you won't forget. Please visit my Trip ideas page and decide where you would like to go.  And don't worry, also offered are other activities like crab-catching, snorkeling; shark tooth hunting, and shell collecting for those who want to mix it up. Book your tour today and escape the insanity of crowded beaches!

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       I have about  50 kayak routes in my head, all of which I have been at least a few times if not many. All routes are designed for 3 - 4 hours of actual kayaking, by your average inexperienced kayak people; with a few breaks along the way. The short trips I come up with are for those that only want a local 2 hour tour.


There are no spring fed rivers in Pinellas County, in the winter the manatees are not likely to be found HERE - but up in the Springs. I can never guarantee wild animals, especially those on the Endangered Species list. If anyone can find you some manatees, I am your guy.

      I know my mobile Kayak tour service is unique, everyone else has you show up. Some of my launch locations are not easy to find. Others like Frog Creek, only allow us to launch from their private campground because I have made prior arrangements made with the owners. Restaurants destinations as well. Nobody else offers the choice of destinations as Coconut Kayak Tours. I don't want to get bored doing a single location every day, day after day. I am constantly keeping up with conditions at a multitude of destinations. Tides, wind, gator mating season, and other variables all need to be considered. No way could I type all the knowledge in my head out on a website. 


     Trust this better explains and furthers your understanding. IF you still have questions - just call me. Advice is always free. Yes, I will employ your teenage son to help lift the kayaks off the kayak trailer for 5 minutes, I am not paying a helper $200. a day for 5 minutes of actual work. I am a 1 man show, doing everything myself. I keep this biz simple and stress free.



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Photo Note & Policy

      Some competitors and other attractions charge an extra fee, or want to sell you a souvenir photo for $25.00 - $50.00. Not here. Photos are always "free" . You are welcome to bring your own camera gear or use your modern communication device to take pictures. Yes, I am always happy to stop for a "Kodak Moment" and take your photo as a memento of your kayaking adventure. I respect every ones right to privacy and I never post your photos online on any social media websites, but YOU can. I personally do not like my mug on the Internet and this will explain why I am always the chimp.  I like my privacy, perhaps you do as well. This being said I enjoy photographing and video taping nature. Yes, I have a Mac running Final Cut Pro video editing - Adobe Photoshop and other programs. Yes, I built, and maintain this web site myself even though I have no formal training or schooling for it. 


      When I was little,  I bought a Kodak Brownie camera for .88 cents from the neighbors garage sale. Mrs. Cherry wanted $1.00 but .88 cents is all I had. Everything was manual. A roll of film with 12 photos and getting them developed at Foto Mat would cost me an entire weeks allowance from my chores. This is how I learned to take great pictures. Making sure my frame would capture the image I wanted, my horizon was level , I had good light etc... before I clicked that shutter.  Today with digital photos, computer editing I am still just having fun. 

        In closing, I have toasted $1000's of dollars of Pro Digital SLR s, 3 Chip Video cameras, cell phones and gear in my lifetime. The cost for an expensive hobby. Sand, Salt air, humidity, water all will destroy sensitive electronic components. It is what it is. Please understand your camera, cell phone are used at your risk and responsibility. I will never be held responsible for your devices. If you choose to bring your $1000 i phone kayaking and you tip in and soak your cell phone. Sucks. But don't blame me. I am not paying for the cost to replace it. Thank you for your understanding.

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