Winter will be remembered as the dolphin who never gave up, despite the odds stacked against her. She was an inspiration to many. Her story as told in Dolphin Tale 1 & 2 had to of brought a million kids and their families to our beach town. She died on Nov 11, 2021 15 years longer then she would of lived without the care of Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Artwork by local artist friend Jim Warren


Clearwater Marine Aquarium Announces $10 Million Manatee Rehabilitation Exhibit in Winters pool.
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      Coconut Kayak Tours will be offering kayak with the manatees tours. Only in Citrus County - Crystal River is manatee interaction legal ( to swim with and touch ) I avoid the "Swim with the Manatees" Pontoon boat zoo up in Kings Bay 3 Sisters Spring. We go elsewhere and find our own Manatees. Trust the experience is by far superior taking the risk we may not find one - then going to the pontoon boat zoo - when 10 -15 people jump in vying for the attention of 1 manatee. It normally does not work out too well. Be advised you MUST follow my direction at all times for your safety and theirs.


      Please watch the video below to further your understanding of the rules. I have a good status with the FWC and Marine Patrol for being respectful of the manatees and following the rules. I also know a whole lot about them, and enjoy educating the children all about these gentle giants. It is always up to the manatee - nobody is going to convince a 1 ton manatee to do anything it does not want to do. That is where I come in, understanding them is why I have about a 90% success rate of finding them. As well as ensuring the guests have an amazing once ion a lifetime experience. Small clues and known "spots" the manatees like. Understand I can never 100% guarantee wild manatees - or any other wildlife. However, I have a few places such as Homosassa Springs State Park or TECO Manatee Walk that always have manatees and we never want to disappoint the kids.


     Yes, often we see them here off Clearwater Beach - and Tampa Bay as they are coming in or going back out into the Gulf for summer. Manatees are cold water driven so timing is everything and based on my gut intuition sometimes it is best to decide the day of exactly where we are going. At the end of season - I / Coconut Kayak Tours will see how we did manatee season and slice off a generous donation to CMA for the new manatee exibit. Help us Help Them. You may donate directly HERE Or better yet in person when you visit our MUST See attraction. If you have never been, please understand this is not SeaWorld, Sorry, no rollercoasters. Rescue + Rehab and educational for the children.


NOW! is the time, later may be too late. Over 1000 Manatee Died in 2021 Tampa Bays Fox 13 Kelly Ring has the report.






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Ask me about TECO Manatee Viewing Center. Free Attraction Fun & Educational for the kids.


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