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  How blessed am I to be the #1 Kayak Tour Guide here on Americas #1 Beach!

  Here at the Coconut Kayak Tours, I offer local guided kayak tours to the "Secret Beach" , Bird Island; Caladesi island; The Mangrove Tunnels; Clearwater Beach; Shell Key; 1 tree island; Archies Island, Gods Island.  Indian Rocks Beach "The Narrows"  & more.  Also consider taking your family off the beach here to see the REAL Florida.  Discovering by kayak our amazing springs, wild & scenic rivers with abundant wildlife.  Explore little known destinations off the beaten path with KC as your guide. Some trips end at Great Restaurants   or   See Trip Ideas. 

Simple Flat Rate Friends & Family Pricing.
$425.00 1/2 Day $525.00 Full Day. Up to 6 persons.

I started this biz in June 2017  My business model has been an evolution of happy accidents. I started from the Clearwater Beach Marina, and 1 week after opening the City of Clearwater decided they did not want me to launch my kayak tours from the Marina because of all the other boat traffic in & out of the marina. It's a liability thing. Where else can I go?


This is when I got the idea. I will get a van and just pick up the families at their hotel or vacation rental.  You really don't need a rental car here and all the resorts started charging $20. - $30. per day for parking. Now, I can go anywhere! What was suppose to be a small simple semi retirement biz for fun, became way more successful then I ever envisioned or intended. Understand I broke all the rules  of your typical kayak tour / rental outfits. We are 1st class here for our 1st class visitors. I remain a one man show, doing everything myself. Including this website.  It is my business, my fun, my money and I run the business, I do not let the business run me.


Please take some time to peruse my website to see how all this works. 

Best advice, plan ahead. Just as all the hotels sell out, so do attractions. Especially during peak season and holiday weekends. Kayaking 300 days out of the year keeps me healthy,  We have fun! That is the whole point of this business. Sometimes we learn how to catch blue crabs, go on the rope swing, swim with the manatees, have squirt gun wars or sift the river bottom for fossils and shark teeth.


I have a 7 passenger van as I always get to go, this leaves room for up to 6 persons. This serves 90% of our tourist families. No I do not want to get a 15 passenger van. My customers have spoken and they prefer the private just our family outings. If you have a larger group I may partner with another outfitter and make special arrangements.  

I provide pick up at your hotel or vacation rental and we are off to a multitude of destination options.

Beyond Clearwater Beach I offer my service anywhere in Pinellas County including Indian Rocks Beach, Belleair etc...

My job is to handle all the details, your job is just to be ready to go

Every trip is custom tailored for you. Different times of year offer different opportunities. I have been exploring the creeks, rivers, springs and inter - coastal waterways here for decades. Trust I know the best of the best, as well as places best avoided. 

I take into consideration many factors such as what you would like to see & experience, weather conditions; fitness level, ages of the children, etc... to ensure everyone has a great time. I have the best little kids kayaks and have taught at least 100 kids how to kayak their first time out. I also have a tandem / triple kayak. Perfect for Dad and two small children. Even though their little arms may not be accomplishing much. We still give them a kids paddle so they feel that they are actively participating in this epic kayaking adventure.  All of my kayaks are sit on top style for safety concerns. I will never give you a cheap bulk orange life jacket with the funk & sweat of the last 10 customers. I have carbon fiber paddles, not the cheap blister causing aluminum ones. There is a cost for quality and my customers understand and expect it. I don't even try to compete on price but rather performance.  I need my kayaks for my tour customers. I do not offer rentals. 



Oh Yes I did kids!  Perception High 5 Kids Kayak/SUP. Who wants to  try it out? All the kids do very well so now I have 2! 

Click on the kayak for more info.

Supporting The Seabird Sanctuary & Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Highly recommended 

Need sunscreen, swim wear, beach toys, floaties, sandals, sunglasses? Its all here!



Click on Logos / photos to visit online.

We have been loosing nearly 1000 Manatees a Year. They have been returned to the Endangered Species List. Fewer then 6000 remain alive today.

CMA is commiting over 10 million dollars for the new Manatee Springs Education, Rescue, Rehab & Release project. Click below to help. 



Thanks for the Great Reviews.
See You Next Year for another
Crazy Fun Exciting Adventure! 

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