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To our award winning # 1 Beach Town!



        I started this business in July 2017, The first thing to understand is that I broke all the rules of your typical kayak tour out fitter. My private mobile kayak tour service is totally unique. Take some time to peruse & click around my website here to further your understanding of how all this works. Simply put, my job is to worry about all the details, your job is to just show up at the hotel lobby for pick up & enjoy the trip. Small children to seniors, I offer a kayak adventure for everyone. Please understand I am a 1 man show. So you always do get me.  I do not offer rentals, do not just show up at my house. It is not waterfront & we can't launch from here.


      Please call me at 727 -238-1960 ( eves are best )   I have a 7 passenger van and provide complimentary pick up and return transportation from your hotel or vacation rental. Since I always get to go, this leaves room for up to 6 persons. This serves 90% of our tourist families.

        Some of my locations you may never find on your own and I don't disclose all my best little known spots - or others may start showing up. I have been exploring different kayak destinations here in Florida for decades.

Trust I know the best of the best, and custom plan each trip for the family.  Considered is whom is going, the ages of the kids, fitness levels, fear factor,  your interests, weather conditions and so forth.


       Yes, I do this website myself,  I have no training or education for it and figuring it out as I go,  trying to maintain the tricky balance between a robust desktop version and a lighter mobile phone version.  While constantly counter punching fake reviews, getting my google map marker removed and other efforts to displace me.

Announcing simple flat rate friends & family group pricing. 
$525.00 Full Day - $425.00 1/2 day local trips.

Up to six persons. 

Kayaking with the Manatees! Dec 15th to April 15th.


      It took a whole lot of courage for this shy timid 12 yr. old girl to get in the water with these "Giant Sea Creatures." The father took most of this video on my GoPro.

     Below was a fun day at the Chaz with the Jardell family. Video shot by father on his iphone. Yes, that is a Flying Rainbow Unicorn. Just part of the CRaZy FuN!


     These are actual experiences taken by my customers - not me.

I don't want to be accused of posting false or misleading photos.


  Please understand every kayak adventure is different. Not everyone will get to see dolphins schooling up some mullets and "Torpedo" by your kayak. Use the speaker thingy for volume - or better yet view full screen.


Oh Yes I did kids! Brand New Perception High 5 Kids Kayak/SUP. Who wants to  try it out? All the kids do very well so now I have 2! 

Click on Pic for info.

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 8.47.44 AM.png

Supporting The Seabird Sanctuary & CMA. Click on logos to visit their websites for more info. Highly recommend, especially for the childrens. 


Everything For The Beach! Your One Stop Shop.

Need sunscreen, swim wear, beach toys, floaties, sandals, sunglasses? Its all here!

Where can I just rent a kayak? Here!

Best place around. Watersports West. Locally family owned / operated surf shop and water sports retailer. Kayak rentals are usually minty fresh Demo models of the kayak inventory they sell. 24 hour to 1 week rentals. Please note, they are not on the beach, but just over the Indian Rocks Beach Bridge about 1 mile on your right. You must have your own way to transport it. However the guys will loan you a few pool noodles and help you load it up. SUP rentals too! 

Click Logos to visit online.

Yes Kids the Manatees are here!

Thanks for the Great Reviews.
See You Next Year for another
Crazy Fun Exciting Adventure! 


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