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     What I do is simple: Pick up you and your friends or family in my 7 passenger van and trailer full of kayaks. Taking you & yours on an amazing kayaking adventure. Rather then be locked into a single location, my mobile kayak tour service takes you to the special magical places locally, or within a few hours drive time from the Pinellas County Beaches. I am not a "megaphone - mega group" type operation. Tourist families with young kids, senior couples, all are welcome. Your job is to just enjoy the trip - my job is to handle all the little details.

    Serving vacationers from St. Pete Beach to Clearwater Beach and everywhere in between. Hotel or Vacation Rental Home Pick-Up included.  Local Residents - anywhere in Pinellas County. Next we are off to the  destination of your choice.



     Full day adventures to our springs, rivers, and  coastal marine estuary preserves. Stay closer with 1/2 day trips to Caladesi Island, Long Bayou, Weedon Island and more!  After consulting with you - based upon who is going , the ages, budget, experience, fear factor etc... I will suggest the trip and options that would be best for your group or family. What it includes and the price. Every trip is custom tailored for each family and therefore I have no set prices.

     I make a good effort in staying on top of the latest conditions that change constantly. I will give you an exact cost prior to making your reservation. Even if I can not fit you in, I will at least refer you to an alternate provider. I work with my "Competition" not against them. I am a one man show and keeping it this way. No way could I train someone to do what I do and know what I know. Thus you are also assured you always get me. 


     Take a moment and explore my website here, by not restricting myself to a single location. You have all kinds of options to choose from. My business model is unique, I do not have the costly overhead of a slip at Clearwater Beach Marina that I would have to staff or remain myself to simply rent kayaks. Instead I have a van and gas expense. I am leveraging County, State and Federal lands as our destination, utilizing public and private kayak launch sites that MUST also offer clean restroom facilities, and other considerations. Please do not just show up at my house! It is not waterfront - we do not launch from here, map markers on Google Maps serve to show launch locations. You MUST have a reservation in advance. Come explore the best of the best! With me as your personal guide.

  Call KC at 727-238-1960 to discuss your trip.  

IMPORTANT INFO! Please Read. You must have an advance reservation, the only way to book is with me on the telephone. Online booking is not available because it is to much work for me and software would allow double bookings if I am not watching 100% of the time. I have better things to do. My calendar fills up quickly in season and repeat customers get priority. Yes, you can call the day of, sometimes you get lucky and I will do my best to accommodate you , usually however those waiting to book last minute are disappointed that I am booked. If I am driving with customers - or out kayaking I do not answer my phone. But I do check it and get voice mail alerts. Leave one & I will get back to you ASAP. This page is done, but I am updating other pages here on my website. I do this myself and am not a web designer expert, so please bear with me as I make changes, additions and fixes on the other pages.  Thanks for your understanding. 

* Larger text for my senior customers - suggestion taken. 


Lets Go Find A Manatee! 

From Now till March 31st,  LEGAL Swim with and Interact with the Manatees. I have a special place I call BIG Mommas'  Cove, It is located an hour and a half north in Citrus County where Manatee interaction laws permit "Swim with the Manatees" tour operations with a Manatee Guide license holder. I avoid the 3 Sisters / Crystal River zoo of "Swim with the manatees pontoon boat operators." These tour operators typically stalk the known Manatee sanctuaries waiting for one to come or go. Then 20 or so people jump in vying for the attention of 1 lone manatee. Need I explain how this usually works out? Typically I have only 3 to 5 people on my tour, we will search out our own manatees. This is WHY you want me as your guide. I have a special magic with these gentle giants. It is ALWAYS up to the Manatees, you are not going to convince a 13 foot 1 ton mammal to do anything it does not want to do. I however have a few tricks. The kayaks are the best way to find them, propellers and loud engines make them uneasy. Once we do, we almost always have the manatees to ourselves, in their natural environment. Trust me, it is an experience on a whole other level. Please be advised, You can not touch or attempt to engage with a manatee in Pinellas, Pasco or Manatee County. Citrus County has different laws, and I have mine. You can not bronco bull ride a manatee, we treat these gentle giants with the utmost respect. If I get the manatee to roll over like a dog for a nice belly rub, it is because the manatee enjoys it. It is not harassment. Some haters out there may disagree however responsible manatee interaction tours provide education and awareness of these previously endangered magnificent mammals. It is this awareness, and experience that is highly credited for the manatees comeback.   

Cost is $100 to $125.00 per person 

For the basic pontoon boat quickie tour - I recommend Captain Chris and her son Colin, they run a very nice operation. 

Here is her website:

Majestic Manatee Tours

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