Welcome!  I started this business in July 2017, The first thing to understand is that I broke all the rules of your typical kayak tour out fitter. My mobile kayak tour service is unique. Yes, I am aware my business model probably would not work anywhere else. I designed it all around providing 1st class service to our 1st class tourists - here on Americas #1 Beach! Please take some time to peruse & click around my website here to further your understanding of how all this works.  After that - call me.  I offer private guided kayak tours to a variety of destinations and sometimes more then just kayaking, You MUST have an advance reservation, No, I do not do rentals. Please do not just show up at my house, it is not waterfront & we can't launch from here.


​​The only way to book a trip is with me over the telephone. 727-238-1960

      My website here is best viewed on a laptop or desktop - though I have made a lite mobile phone friendly version. It is not as robust. Due to the urgent need to help the Manatees - from now till April, my focus on kayak tours will be the Manatees. It is the best trip anyway. But yes - If you want to see big gators or something else, it is still okay.

      I am a one man show, so you always get me. I simply can not duplicate myself, teach or train anyone to know all that is in my brain. I am blessed in that I get to meet nice folks from all over the world, get out in nature, breathe fresh air, get some exercise, have fun and enjoy what I do. I have lived on our island paradise nearly all my life.  Previously in the motel and vacation rental business, when the Beachwalk Inn was sold & bulldozed what to do now? A few of my friends suggested I start a kayak tour business Since I enjoyed kayaking so much and it was what I was going to do anyway.


4 years plus later - proof is in the pudding. Highly rated with a multitude of 5 star reviews. Occasionally things go wrong, beyond my control. But I always have a plan B. 

I run things here first class - and keep it simple. My job is to worry about all the details - Your job is to just enjoy the trip.











         Fun for the whole family - children to seniors.

        Rather then be stuck at a single location, I have a 7 passenger van and provide complimentary pick up and return from your hotel or vacation rental. Since I always   get to go, this leaves room for up to 6 persons.  I pick up anywhere in Pinellas County.

        Some of my locations you may never find on your own and I don't disclose all my best little known spots - or others may start showing up. I have been exploring different kayak destinations here in Florida for decades. Trust I know the best of the best and plan each trip for the family depending on who is going, the ages of the kids, your interests, weather conditions and so forth.


        If I am driving, out kayaking with customers I don't answer my phone. Please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I do get voice mail alerts and monitor and check my phone often. If you just hang up and don't leave a voice message, I may assume your just another silly telemarketer when checking my missed calls.

        Here you will find many answers in the FAQ Frequently asked Questions,

Tours and Prices  plus links to even more resources to help plan your Florida vacation.


          Yes! I offer local beach tours, but also consider taking a day to SEE THE REAL FLORIDA,  There are not less then 100 kayaking destinations with in a few hours drive of the beach here. I have been to most, and have narrowed it down to the best of the best.  Experience Secret Beaches, Secret Springs, Amazing Wildlife and return with lasting family vacation memories.





White Parrot

Get Up Close & Personal 
Legal Responsible
Interactive Kayak & Swim with the Manatees Tours.

$450. Full Day Friends & Family Group Rate. Up to Six Persons.

Aerial Drone Pilot Jack Tenney #Joogsquad.
Beware of these suspicious characters They prank the tourists & upload the funnies on You Tube.
YouTube Channel Here.
5 Million Plus Subcribers!


We Look Forward To Your Visit on Americas #1 Beach! This is our Playground.


      It took a whole lot of courage for this shy timid 12 yr. old girl to get in the water with these "Giant Sea Creatures." The father took most of this video on my GoPro.

     Below was a fun day at the Chaz with the Jardell family. Video shot by father on his iphone. Yes, that is a Flying Rainbow Unicorn. Just part of the CRaZy FuN! While these are actual experiences. Please understand not on every kayak trip will one get to see dolphins schooling up some mullets and "Torpedo" by your kayak. Some days despite my best efforts we may not find a single manatee. I can never guarantee wild animials. Use the speaker thingy for volume - or better yet view full screen, More video on additional pages. Enjoy!


Oh Yes I did kids! Brand New Perception High 5 Kids Kayak/SUP. Who wants to  try it out?

Click on Pic for info.

Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 8.47.44 AM.png

Thanks for the Great Reviews. See You Next Year for another Crazy Fun Exciting Adventure! 

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