Important Notice:

Weeki Wachee and Silver Springs State Parks will no longer be listed as destination options. I will NOT be providing Service to either destination because the Weeki Wachee has become a "floating drunk fest" of foul mouthed rude people whom will destroy any chance of you having a good experience.

The contracted Vendor at both locations, Guest Services has rude and dishonest employees I simply don't wish to have the displeasure of doing business with.



Welcome!  I started this business in July 2017, The first thing to understand is I broke all the rules of your typical kayak rental / tour location. My mobile kayak tour service is unique.  Over the past few years I have made some refinements and will continue to going forward. The result is that I am the #1 Kayak Tour Guide / Service from Americas #1 Beach. Proof is in the multitude of 5 star reviews. Truth is not told, rather it is best self discovered. Go look for yourself.


     I am a one man show, and keeping it this way. The best aspect of my business model and design is that I always get to go! I am blessed in that I get to meet nice folks from all over the world, I get out in nature, fresh air, get some exercise, have fun and enjoy what I do. Even better at the end of the day people happily pay me! I keep wondering when what I am doing will be determined to be illegal. So far I am getting away with it.

    Rather then be stuck in a single location, I have a 7 passenger van and provide complimentary pick up and return from your hotel or vacation rental. This saves you the trouble of finding our launch location, having to drive or paying to park. Please do not just show up at my house, it is not waterfront & we can't launch from here. You must have an advance reservation.

The only way to book a trip is with me over the telephone. 727-238-1960


     If I am driving, out kayaking with customers I don't answer my phone. Please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP. I do get voice mail alerts and monitor and check my phone often.

     Please take a moment and peruse my website, here you will find many answers in the FAQ Frequently asked Questions, Tours and Prices , plus links to even more resources below to help plan your Florida vacation. Even if I am booked I will at least offer you alternate options. Some say I am crazy to refer my competition, but I do. I work with my competitors not against them.

My mission here is simple: Help ensure our tourists have a great time, so they will want to return. Also when they go home and tell all their friends, co-workers & the folks at Church about their experiences here, they too will want to come down.


This is the philosophy that has made Clearwater Beach #1 in the USA. It is not the 4 walls of your hotel room that matter, but the SERVICE you receive from the waitstaff at restaurants,  bartenders, front desk staff ; and kayak tour guide. Welcome to our beautiful beach! Yes I offer local beach tours, but also consider taking a day to SEE THE REAL FLORIDA, I know of some truly special places you would never find on your own. Experience Secret Beaches, Secret Springs, Amazing Wildlife and return with lasting family vacation memories.


     One of my 10 year old customers said it best.

" This is better then Busch Gardens, No long lines, it's like one long ride, and all the animals are free"


Thanks for the Great Reviews. See You Next Year for another Crazy Fun Exciting Adventure! 

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