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Sorry kids, there is no more kayaking from Clearwater Beach Anymore.


      Someone didn't know how to play nice in the sandbox.  The Clearwater Beach boat ramp next to the library was the last safe kayak launch spot. We can not launch from the Marina - or Public Beach. The one exception is

Paddle Out Adventures.     Located at Clearwater Beach Marina, their solution is that they give you a boat ride up to the shallow bay out of the boat traffic where it is safe, then launch their paddle boards or kayaks. Justin runs a nice honest business - can confidently recommend. My Kayak Tour Service is different, offering pick up at your hotel or vacation rental. Round trip transportation to our kayak destination. 


       The City of Clearwater does not want kayaks launching from Marina because of all the other boat traffic in and out of the marina. Liability to the City if someone got hurt. This is where I started, but was then informed the city changed their mind and no launching of kayaks from the marina. The City let me out of my attraction slip lease and not having any other place to set up shop. This is when I got the idea for the van and offering free pick up at your hotel / vacation rental and return transport. Now I was not limited to just Clearwater Beach, I can go anywhere! And we do. The mobile business model has proven a smash success when many said it would never work. I did have an exemption from then City attorney Pam Akin to use the boat launch next to the library on occasion. I never abused it. Over 6 years never a problem.


Then someone thought they could displace me as the #1 kayak tour guide from Americas #1 beach. Someone??? Suggest edited in Google maps, I no longer existed and POOF! Gone is my listing, over 75 5 star reviews etc... Then the next day another kayaking tour company popped up where my "Launch Only Marker " was. Some people think it is easier to steal someone else's business then build your own. 


       You can not just use the Clearwater Beach Public Library address as your primary business address, set up shop here & throw sand in all the other kids eyes.  So now - nobody gets to play in the sandbox.  Police Cheif Eric Gandy will be giving out violation fines for commercial use of a public facility, if ANY kayak company, Jetski, boat rental etc. gets caught.  This is NOT a Pinellas County boat launch, it is managed by the City of Clearwater and is intended for  use by Clearwater Beach Residents.

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