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After working up a good appetite kayaking & exploring the springs, rivers; beaches and coastal marine estuaries... Hey, You gotta eat! Some locations also serve as the pull out or exit point at the end of your kayak adventure. What better way to top off the day then relaxing and having a great meal at one of these awesome places! If they were not, they would not be included here. If you would like to stop for a bite to eat, no problem. I do not charge you extra for making a meal stop. I no longer include the meal with my tours because some people took advantage of a good thing. Now order whatever you like, but the check is on you. Often I am asked for restaurant suggestions. Here you go... 


Click on the photos below to visit their web sites and tempt your taste buds with their menu offerings.

Located overlooking the beautiful Braden River at the Linger Lodge...

This place is true "Old  Florida" and an attraction in itself. I have a deal with Fritz the owner to launch our kayaks here. It's a 2 hour up and back trip on the prettiest section of the river. Afterwards, enjoy a cocktail, lunch or dinner here. Food critic Al Roker called it one of the top 10 weirdest restaurants in the USA. I won't spoil any surprises. Trust me - it is awesome! Great for my senior customers looking for an EZ kayak trip that think they have seen it all.

Best Breakfast on Clearwater Beach. I have been having my morning coffee and breakfast here for over 25 years. Located directly across the street from the Hilton Hotel on Mandalay. Tell the gals you want the "Coconut Special" & Try the pancakes with their Coconut Syrup! So good! It is a small place with limited seating and it is always busy, so arrive early or have some patience. It is worth the wait. The place next door only starting doing breakfast because Beach Shanty was attracting more customers then it could serve, Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks also came in hoping to gain customers unwilling to wait. Usually the wait is not long - and trust me - it is worth it!

Same owner as the famous Beach Shanty Cafe on Clearwater Beach.

John bought this place and has totally remodeled, fixed up and improved the place 10 fold from what it was. Located at the end of our Weeki Wachee Kayaking adventure this is a great spot for a cold beer, cocktail, lunch or dinner while I catch a cab to retrieve the van, trailer and load up the kayaks. Rodgers Park is just across the river with a mini beach for the kids to take a swim while you watch over them from the outside patio deck.

Peck's is an old Florida family restaurant with fresh seafood & steaks. Located in the Ozello keys, a good choice if you have been kayaing in the St.Martians National Marine Sanctuary - or Salt River.

Located on the waterfront. A little spendy - but A1 quality and service. If we are lucky Captain Tommy is around and he will show the kids his Blue Crab Farm - I also can launch or land our kayaks here - special deal.

My #1 recommended choice for those staying on Maderia Beach or visiting Johns Pass Village. Started by Wilson Hubbard - the Hubbard Family essentially owned all of Johns Pass Boardwalk at one time. Wilson passed away years ago - but his daughter Marina continues the tradition and runs the restaurant still. Brother Mark Hubbard runs the Florida Fisherman Fishing Boat.

More then a restaurant, Gator MacRae ( seriously that is his legal name) continues a family tradition here. Bait shop & tackle store, boat launch, a small log cabin motel , and an open air cafe/bar on the Homosassa River. We are welcome here always, don't tell the kids

and spoil the surprise but Monkey island is right next door. 5 spider monkeys - descendants of the old Tarzan movies live here, We always get a good show up close from the kayaks.