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Sandy Beach

Book your short 2 or 3 hour local tour for 2 to 6 persons. $25 per person X number of people X number of hours = your your price. Want a bigger adventure? Book a 1/2 or Full Day Kayak Tour  to a multitude of Destinations. Simple Friends & Family Pricing. Up to 6 Persons. Hotel or Vacation Cottage Pick up and Return Van Transportation Included.  $425 1/2 Day $575 Full day.

*** All Online Bookings will be confirmed with a telephone call, so please be sure to leave your mobile number. Don't forget to sign the online waiver. 

Cancellation Policy. NO REFUNDS.  Any refund is at the complete discretion of Coconut Kayak Tours. Valid reasons, Dad had a heart attack last night,  inclimate weather is refunded. We got so drunk last night and we are hung over and don't feel like it now. No Refund. 

Step One. Check The Weather Here Before Booking! 

Make a Donation Directly to Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

cma donate because of you

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Pre - Payment in full is required. Highly Secure - Trustworthy. Why I choose them.

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